Faces of Autism
Some time ago the Gulf Coast Diva Angels had a meeting where all members could suggest a charity to donate our mileage money from National. About 6 non-profits were discussed and it was voted on to present the money to the Faces of Autism.
When they were contacted and told that the Diva Angels would like to present them a check it was suggested that we do it at their annual walk with lots of supporters in attendance.
The event took place on Saturday, September 21, 2019, in downtown Sarasota, FL at J.D. Hamel Park. The weather was beautiful that morning and some of the high school walkers/supporters and some of the autistic children sat in the motorcycles that were parked inside the park on a sidewalk. They truly enjoyed the bike sitting & even revving experience and took advantage of the photo op.
Then, just before the walk was about to start, we took the microphone and told how and why we supported this event and the Faces of Autism. We then presented the check and the walk began. It was a really fulfilling feeling to know the Diva Angels made a bit of an impact on this worthwhile non-profit.
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