Join The Diva Angels

We would love for you to join us! Membership is required in both the National organization and a Chapter unless you become a Nomad.

Nomad membership is at the National level only if there is no local chapter in your vicinity. The goal of Nomad members is to eventually form individual chapters in their areas but in the meantime they are already part of the Diva Angels sisterhood!

You are welcome to contact any National Board Officer or Chapter Director directly to answer any questions that you may have through the Contact Us button at the bottom of each page.

The national fee is $30 initially to join with a $20 annual renewal fee. Local chapter fees are $20 per year with $20 annual renewal fees. Members who initially enroll in the fourth quarter of the year are renewed automatically the next year with no additional fees.

You can join or renew through any of the following options:

* Come out to a Chapter meeting where you can sign up right then and there. Meeting locations, dates and times are available on the Chapter pages of this site.

** You can download our "New Member Mail In Form" or “Renewing Member Mail In Form”. Print it, fill it out and mail it in. You will need to join or renew a Chapter by attending a meeting and signing up or by contacting the Chapter Director.

*** Click on either the Join Us or Renew Online buttons below that securely and conveniently allow you to enroll in or renew, and pay for both your National and Chapter membership.

We Look Forward To Riding With You!